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Review: Schwalbe Tryker Tire

October 31st, 2013 by Bill | 9 Comments | Filed in Outside Reviews, Schwalbe, Tires

Schwalbe Tryker tireSchwalbe presents a tire made specifically for trikes. Bryan J Ball, of ‘BentRider Online wrote  a comprehensive review of a special tire. Here’s a small excerpt:

‘The features that make the Tryker “trike specific” are the more square profile which puts more rubber on the road when cornering, more rubber in the center of the tire for improved wear and a different sidewall construction to better cope with the unique cornering physics of a multi-track vehicle. Despite all of this extra technology they only weigh 320 grams each.’


Cambium Update

July 19th, 2013 by Bill | 5 Comments | Filed in Brooks, saddles

The 2013-2014 Brooks price list reveals a little more about the upcoming non-leather Cambium model. This year’s offering will be a C17 and a C17S model. They will be available in “slate” and “natural” colors. Suggested retail on all models is $160.

It sure has a great look. . .


Coming This Summer – Cambium!

April 17th, 2013 by Bill | 1 Comment | Filed in Brooks, saddles

The Brooks company is straying from the leather path with a new “Cambium” model, available this June.








“The Cambium is made from a uniquely flexible natural rubber and organic cotton top, enhanced by a thin layer of structural textile for added resilience. This vulcanized waterproof top, which follows the rider’s movements, is immediately comfortable, maintenance-free, and highly abrasion-resistant to offer the longevity for which Brooks is legendary.”


Anybody ever see the “Plyflex” models from Brooks?

The new Cambium saddle is designated the “C.17.”

These teaser photos are all we have to go on right now. Brooks is looking for 100 testers to give the new model a workout before introduction. Fill out the form on their website and you might get lucky!


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Choosing Color Can Be Hard

March 28th, 2013 by Bill | 1 Comment | Filed in Other Blogs, saddles, Tips and Techniques

When I talk with people about saddle choice the color of the saddle can sometimes become a big part of the conversation. Blog “Lovely Bicycle” has a very good article about choosing colors for saddles, bars and accessories. It will be a big help the next time the subject comes up.

“Choosing colour is not just a matter of “what matches what.” It is a matter of understanding the psychological mechanisms involved in human colour perception and processing -”

Put the Nose Up Just a Little

January 29th, 2013 by Bill | 3 Comments | Filed in bags, Brooks, saddles, Uncategorized

I just put a new-ish B.17 on my bike. I’m always telling people to try their Brooks saddle with the nose “up” just a little so I thought I’d show what “nose up” means to me.

Brooks saddle angle

This setting is my starting place. There will be tweaks as I ride and as the saddle breaks in.

When you set the nose up like this you are more likely to sit on the “seat” part of the saddle. Often we can be pulled forward, reaching for the bars, until we are more on the nose than we should be. The nose of the saddle is narrow and hard. No comfort there.

Brooks saddle angle

The bag is a new model from Detroit Cargo that I am evaluating.

Detroit Cargo bag

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You Want the Brown One??

November 30th, 2012 by Bill | 2 Comments | Filed in Brooks, saddles, Uncategorized

pile of 'brown' saddlesBrooks has a few different colors that could be considered ‘brown.’ Here is a picture of all the brown-ish Brooks saddles I could find right now.

The main ‘brown’ colors are ‘honey’ and ‘antique brown’. Honey is a more golden brown while  antique brown (sometimes just ‘brown’) is a darker, chocolate-like shade.

‘Ochre’ is a new color for 2013. It is kind of a yellowish brown and is offered on the B.17 and Team Pro models.

Mustard was offered on the Colt in 2011 and 2012. It is no longer offered. (We still have a couple on the shelf.)

Pre-Aged is unique in shade and finish. The color is more matte than the other Brooks models.

The “Select” saddles are not dyed but are natural leather. We are showing here a special edition World Traveler model with a special imprint.

The honey and antique brown saddles are discontinued B.66 Champion models. This was the sprung B.17 on the old style two-wire frame. This saddle was superseded by the Champion Flyer in the 2,000′s. The antique brown version here has a few miles on it.