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Vans Shoes and Brooks Saddles

August 25th, 2010 by Bill | Filed under Brooks, Other Blogs.

Website Bike Review reports that the Vans shoe company is coming out with a special Brooks edition shoe in saddle-matching leather. I don’t know anything else about them, except that they look pretty nice.

(The Swift saddle with some sort of pattern in the leather is new to me too.)


4 Responses to “Vans Shoes and Brooks Saddles”

  1. adventuregumby | 26/08/10

    This sounds bogus. Note the atrocious use of the English language:

    "Apart (sic) of the (sic) Vans has hooked up with ("had a one night stand with?") Brooks Saddles for a special release of the Syndicates, which is apart (sic) of the Vans Vault collection. Using a simple color scheme of black and brown which matches nicely with the Brooks saddle." – the latter being an incomplete sentence.

  2. Billy Wallbike | 26/08/10

    No, I think it is legit. That is a standard Brooks picture, though it has a strange yellow tint. The picture is all over the web. The language comes from the blogger, not Brooks or Vans.

  3. Billy Wallbike | 29/10/10

    Update 10/29/10 – The story on these keeps changing. Latest I've heard is that five U.S. dealers will get packages of six pair of shoes. That's 30 pair from the Brooks side. U.S. dealers _might_ be able to get three of the saddles. Saddles are supposed to be distributed early December. Shoes are up to Vans.
    My source is talking about US Brooks dealers. Doesn't know about Vans outlets. Doesn't know about non-U.S. Brooks dealers. (Hint: don't rule out Brooks dealers in Italy)

  4. chadquest | 3/01/11

    I found this blog that has some.


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