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Brooks Changes for 2013

October 8th, 2012 by Bill | Filed under Brooks, saddles.

We have the new Brooks price list and can report on a few changes in the saddle line:

prices are going up slightly. It looks like 1-2% on most models.

The complete B.68 line does not appear on the new list.

The Colt will be dropping violet and mustard. The B.17 Standard will no longer come in mandarine.
The Team Pro will be produced in olive green, ochre, and maroon. The B.17 Standard will come in ochre and red.

Without going into too much detail, the grips and tape will follow the saddle color changes and there will be some changes in the bag line. The Criterion jackets are no longer listed.

Remember, though, that these changes don’t turn on a dime. I am paying the new prices now but some of the new variations might not appear before spring and we don’t know how many of the dropped pieces are still sitting on distributor’s shelves. We will work to keep the old products in stock as long as we can and to get the new items as soon as we can.

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