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You Want the Brown One??

November 30th, 2012 by Bill | Filed under Brooks, saddles, Uncategorized.

pile of 'brown' saddlesBrooks has a few different colors that could be considered ‘brown.’ Here is a picture of all the brown-ish Brooks saddles I could find right now.

The main ‘brown’ colors are ‘honey’ and ‘antique brown’. Honey is a more golden brown while  antique brown (sometimes just ‘brown’) is a darker, chocolate-like shade.

‘Ochre’ is a new color for 2013. It is kind of a yellowish brown and is offered on the B.17 and Team Pro models.

Mustard was offered on the Colt in 2011 and 2012. It is no longer offered. (We still have a couple on the shelf.)

Pre-Aged is unique in shade and finish. The color is more matte than the other Brooks models.

The “Select” saddles are not dyed but are natural leather. We are showing here a special edition World Traveler model with a special imprint.

The honey and antique brown saddles are discontinued B.66 Champion models. This was the sprung B.17 on the old style two-wire frame. This saddle was superseded by the Champion Flyer in the 2,000′s. The antique brown version here has a few miles on it.


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