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Put the Nose Up Just a Little

January 29th, 2013 by Bill | Filed under bags, Brooks, saddles, Uncategorized.

I just put a new-ish B.17 on my bike. I’m always telling people to try their Brooks saddle with the nose “up” just a little so I thought I’d show what “nose up” means to me.

Brooks saddle angle

This setting is my starting place. There will be tweaks as I ride and as the saddle breaks in.

When you set the nose up like this you are more likely to sit on the “seat” part of the saddle. Often we can be pulled forward, reaching for the bars, until we are more on the nose than we should be. The nose of the saddle is narrow and hard. No comfort there.

Brooks saddle angle

The bag is a new model from Detroit Cargo that I am evaluating.

Detroit Cargo bag

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2 Responses to “Put the Nose Up Just a Little”

  1. Michael Thompson | 4/06/13

    Nose up slightly is the only way to properly ride a Brooks saddle. What stones me, is the promotion that Brooks is currently doing with the End to End ride. Both cyclists have the nose of their saddles down, looks and rides so badly.

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