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Cambium Update

July 19th, 2013 by Bill | Filed under Brooks, saddles.

The 2013-2014 Brooks price list reveals a little more about the upcoming non-leather Cambium model. This year’s offering will be a C17 and a C17S model. They will be available in “slate” and “natural” colors. Suggested retail on all models is $160.

It sure has a great look. . .


5 Responses to “Cambium Update”

  1. rob | 26/07/13

    $160? Interesting pricing strategy. $100 for real leather, but for $60 more, you can get rubberized cotton!

    B17s regularly sell for below MSRP ($80) online. I was stoked for the Cambium b/c I figured it'd be the vegan/budget model. We'll see how the market responds to it…

  2. Natalie | 3/08/13

    This is going to be a quite awesome deal I am gonna bring this home

  3. Matthew J | 10/08/13

    Vegan's in the U.S. and Western Europe tend to be better educated and economically placed than the population at large.

    Moreover, I have a test model (looking forward to buying a Slate from Wall). This is no budget saddle. It is attractive, comfortable out of the box, noticeably lighter than leather Brooks and according to Brooks and so far for me needs no maintenance.

  4. Miguel | 13/08/13

    when does it come out for retail?

  5. Bill | 26/09/13

    9/26/13 – Latest word on Cambium US availability.
    The saddle might start coming to America, in limited quantities, in November or December.

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