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Choosing Color Can Be Hard

March 28th, 2013 by Bill | 1 Comment | Filed in Other Blogs, saddles, Tips and Techniques

When I talk with people about saddle choice the color of the saddle can sometimes become a big part of the conversation. Blog “Lovely Bicycle” has a very good article about choosing colors for saddles, bars and accessories. It will be a big help the next time the subject comes up.

“Choosing colour is not just a matter of “what matches what.” It is a matter of understanding the psychological mechanisms involved in human colour perception and processing -”

Teriffic Taillight Test

March 19th, 2012 by Bill | 32 Comments | Filed in Other Blogs, Outside Reviews

A Review of the Best Bicycle Taillights of 2012 has been posted on the Bicycles Community Blog of Stack Exchange. This is a great test that takes a look at fifteen under $40 battery tail lights and gives comprehensive results and reviews for the lights tested.

If you are shopping  for a taillight this is a great resource.

tested taillights

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Bagman Information Site

December 2nd, 2011 by Bill | No Comments | Filed in Carradice, Other Blogs

I came across an interesting page this morning. “Carradice Bagman Problems” analyzes some issues with old Bagman racks and then goes into the reasons that these racks exist and information about mounting and carrying options for Carradice bags.

The site is plain but deep. Poke around a little and you will find all sorts of esoteric bike knowledge. Recommended.

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Velouria Tests Philosophy Bags

November 2nd, 2011 by Bill | No Comments | Filed in bags, Other Blogs, Uncategorized


Philosophy InTrans pannier

Velouria, writing in her ‘Lovely Bicycle’ blog, reports on her time with Philosophy bags. She summarizes:

Philosophy panniers are high quality, well though-out, versatile and classic products that are well worth their price and are unlikely to disappoint.

Here at Wallbike, we sold out of our first order of Philosophy bags surprisingly quickly. We are waiting for the improved 2012 version to go into production.

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Berthoud Debuts Rohloff Drop-Bar Shifter, Wider, Cheaper Saddle

September 8th, 2011 by Bill | 5 Comments | Filed in Berthoud, Other Blogs, Products

Berthoud Rohloff ShifterUK website road.cc reports on new Gilles Berthoud’s products on display at the recent Eurobike trade show in Germany. M. Berthoud has developed a solution for riders who want to use the well-regarded Rohloff Speedhub fourteen-speed internal gear hub on drop handlebars.

Berthoud has also added a new model to his popular leather saddle line. The ‘Mente’ model is wider, at 180mm, and less costly than the race and tour saddles and is designed for a more upright riding position.

Wallingford Bicycle Parts looks forward to carrying these new Gilles Berthoud products as soon as they become available.


Nike + LIVESTRONG + Mr Cartoon = Another Shoe/Saddle Collaberation

September 2nd, 2011 by Bill | No Comments | Filed in Brooks, Other Blogs

Brooks hooks up with yet another shoe company for a hip special edition.
(see: Vans Shoes and Brooks Saddles)

Don’t ask me. This is the first I’ve heard.